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About DeBruin Medical Center

Providing holistic health care to families living near Sacramento, California, DeBruin Medical Center of Orangevale offers patients a diverse array of general and specialized care services, in addition to medical weight management and cosmetic treatments through the DeBruin Laser Center. The DeBruin Medical Center employs conventional family medicine focused on disease management and wellness. Additionally, the office provides a concierge medical practice as well as discounted community medical care services to individuals without health insurance.

Focusing on non-invasive LipoLaser treatments, the office's Laser Center specializes in the contouring and lessening of body fat through the use of a state-of-the-art semi-conductor diode laser. Cosmetic procedures offered at DeBruin Medical Center include skin care, fillers, and Botox injections. The center's established weight management program inspires individuals to lose weight through a guided medical plan led by an experienced weight loss professional.

In addition to the DeBruin weight management program and laser services, individuals benefit from spinal manipulation and adjustments, sports and school physical exams, and pre-employment drug testing. Patients also have access to an on-site pharmacy and X-ray lab. The office is directed by Hill Physicians Medical Group Chief Dr. Mark DeBruin, who possesses almost two decades of experience working in practice areas including gynecology, sports medicine, and pediatrics, among many others.

The center currently accepts new patients and works with most insurance providers. The office cares for HMO clients through a contract with Hill Physicians Medical Group and accepts cash payments for individuals without medical insurance. For a full list of services and care options, visit the website at